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Monday, February 7, 2011

People Site Clone Template

Step by Step:
1. Extract File
2. Upload people-site-clone-template.xml file to your HTML Template
3. Copy and Paste code HTML WIDGET on Installation.txt file :
4. Change all home_page link at HTML widget with label of your site.
for example on Celebrity HTML. Link home_page default are:

Change it with label of your site. like:
change 'Celebrity' word with your site label.

5. Go to Edit HTML on Design Tab Panel Blogger. See ..

label10 = "Kate Hudson";
Title10 = "Kate Hudson";

Change it with your label to show in top gallery like below menu. You must have 6 post or more

to show it.

6. Dont Forget Save Your template to finish....

go to if have a problem..

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